Based in Chicago, Mrs. Lake performs primarily in the Midwest, and has performed across the country from Washington to Florida. She has even experienced playing harp on private jets.  Offering a broad repertoire, from classical, to folk, to "pop," to jazz, Mrs. Lake plays many diverse functions. With over 25 students, an orchestra career, a harp factory job, and her active freelance career, Janelle Lake books quickly. She advises you to contact her as soon as possible to inquire about your date. Generally, she books up to nine months in advance.
Janelle has a unique ability to provide services in a number of areas:
Weddings:  Janelle Lake is a very experienced harpist with over ten years of wedding experience.  Click on "Weddings" for more information to help coordinate your wedding.
Harp Lessons/Guidance in Purchasing a Harp:  Janelle is a registered Suzuki harp teacher and is familiar with harps from several harp manufacturers.  Click on "Harp Lessons/Guidance in Purchasing a Harp" for more information.
Special Events:  Whether you are planning a tea, an engagement party, a religious service, a grand opening, a cocktail hour, a funeral, a dinner party, an anniversary party, a birthday party, or any other special function, Janelle Lake's harp adds a touch of class and uniqueness that your guests will remember for a long time.  Need help planning your event? You might want to visit:



Recitals:   Janelle Lake is available to play solo recitals or chamber music recitals. She is comfortable playing in front of any sized audience. A recital in a new space or home is a great way to bring life and guests into the building.
Outreach ProgramsMrs. Lake enjoys sharing her passion for music with all ages. Many people do not get the chance to get close to a harp. She has shared her harps with the Chicago Public Library programs in interactive demonstrations for children and adults; the Elmhurst public school system: giving assemblies to elementary schools; inner city Chicago school music classes; countless nursing homes; numerous senior living facilities; and many other places.
Editing and Arranging:  Did you hear a piece of music that you wanted to hear on harp, but it's just not arranged for harp yet? If it is possible to play on the harp, Janelle Lake will find a way to do it. Are you trying to write for harp, and you have questions? Harpists will thank you for asking another harpist for editing tips. Please contact me.